I live in McNeal, Arizona

I live in McNeal, Arizona. I chose McNeal because of that fact it still has the feel of the old west. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a rancher. Now, that I am a retired firefighter/paramedic; I am living out my dream. My town is very small with very friendly people. Crime is very low. In fact, the police go home at 10pm.

I am involved in the local community garden in Elfrida and in church. The people here are involved in the community and in helping the young people to achieve their goals.

I live on an old ranch that has been divided up and sold off; but you can just feel the old west here. Tombstone is just 30 minutes away.

My town is very peaceful and quiet. I love the fact that I live so far out, that they do not deliver mail out to me. I love just sitting outside at night listening to the peace and quiet and watching the moon and the stars. I enjoy listening to the yapping of the coyotes. I do not believe there is a more beautiful place on earth. 

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